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A Thoughtful Faith features the stories and perspectives of thoughtful Mormons and other religious thinkers who have something to say  about the common challenges and issues facing those who are seeking to live a life of faith within Mormonism and beyond. Our hope is to model potential paths for individuals in faith transition or crisis that allow them to maintain faith, as well as provide resources for thoughtful believers everywhere.




151: Thomas McConkie:  A Compassionate Response

150: Suzette Smith: A Personal Story of Exponent II

149: Greg Olsen:  Painting Jesus

148: Brad Levin: Religious Freedom and Belief at BYU

145-147:  Lynn Packer:  Paul H. Dunn “Lying for the Lord”

144:  Emily Jensen & Tracy McKay-Lamb:  Has Zion Fled?

143:  Tariq Khan:  Politics and Oppression

142:  Jon Ogden:  A Mormon Millennial’s View of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

141: Bryndis Roberts: The Future of Ordain Women

140: Charles Inouye: When Justice isn’t Enough March 2016

139: Caroline Kline:  Exploring Mormon Feminist Theology March 2016

138:  Mehrsa Baradaran:  About the Other Half February 2016

136 -137:  Russ Osmond:  Changing the Way We Think About Mormonism February 2016

135:  Patrick Mason:  Tackling the Hard Questions February 2016

134:  Langston and Dillman:  Re-Articulating Faith January 2016

133:  Jones, Montgomery & Roberts:  Mormon LGBT Youth Speak out January 2016

132:  Patrick Mason: Planted – Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt January 2016

131:  Greg Prince:  Analyzing this Mormon Moment January 2016

130:  Jerilyn Hassell Pool:  Plumbing the Depths December 2015

129: Mindy Gledhill:  Face to Face December 2015

128:  Joanna Brooks:  Mormon Feminist Writings and Other Stuff November 2015

127:  Jacob Hess:  Dialogues with a Conservative Friend November 2015

126:  James Ord:  Church Policy Changes and the their Legal Context November 2015

125: Julie de Azevedo Hanks:  A Highly Creative Life November 2015

124:  Thomas Wirthlin McConkie: Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis October 2015

123:  Kristy Money:  Processing Church Essay Exasperation October 2015

122: C.Jane Kendrick:  Life Under the Spotlight October 2015

121: Carl Youngblood:  Transhumanism and Mormon Myth-breaking October 2015

120:  Got a Sermon October 2015 

118-119:  Heinz, Saeternes & Tenney:  Mormonism Through the Eyes of Swedish Women October 2015

117:  Jana Riess:  The Roots of a Vibrant Faith Life September 2015

116:  Terryl Givens:  An American Journey Across the Landscape of Theology September 2015

113-115:  John Dehlin:  From the Beginning September 2015

112:  Marlene Payne:  Missionary Mental Health September 2015

111:  Alison Udall:  The Mormon Spectrum August 2015

110:  Fatimah Salleh & Janan Graham:  Mormonism, Liberation Theology and Womanism August 2015

109: Got a Sermon 23 August 2015

108:  Daniel Lancaster:  The Story and Psychology of a Mormon Missionary in Jamaica July 2015

107:  Joseph Peterson:  Talking Church Public Relations July 2015

106:  Got a Sermon 12 July 2015

105:  Got a Sermon 28 June 2015

104:  Kris Black:  On Her Resignation and Her Rebaptism June 2015

103:  Bryndis Roberts:  Processing the Charleston Church Murders June 2015

102:  Got a Sermon 15 June 2015

100 -101:  Rock Waterman:  On Being Excommunicated June 2015

099:  Lincoln Cannon: Mormon Transhumanism and Becoming One in the Body of Christ June 2015

098:  Got a Sermon 7 June 2015

096-097:  Hard to Stay, Harder to Leave:  Sharing Wisdom May 2015

095: James Ott:  Addiction, Word of Wisdom, Recovery and Spirituality May 2015

094: Julie Lefgren:  On Being Single in the Church May 2015

093:  Kristy Money:  Belonging, Shame and Identity May 2015

092:  Gina Colvin and Nathan McCluskey:  Dialogues with a TBM Husband May 2015

091:  Lindsay Hansen Park:  After a Year of Polygamy  April 2015

090:  Sara Burlingame:  What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in These Here Parts?  March 2015

089:  Eugene England:  His Life and Writings – A Tribute March 2015

088:  The van Allens:  Troubling the Church, Repudiating Polygamy  March 2015

087:  Money and Straubhaar:  The New Young Mormon Activists January 2015

086:  Bob Rees:  The Poetic Life of a Devout Mormon Dissident:  January 2015

085:  Bryndis Roberts and Jennifer Gonzalez:  Dialoguing as Women of Colour December 2014

083-084:  Ganesh Cherian:  A Former New Zealand Bishop’s Doctrinal Dilemmas December 2014

082:  Curtis Henderson:  The Errant Nature of Polygamy November 2014

081:  Renshaw, Patterson and Grimes:  Processing Polygamy October 2014

080:  Kendall Wilcox and Jon Hastings: Broadening the LGBT Discourse October 2014

078-079:  Kirk Caudle:  Mormon Studies, Resigning and Apologetics October 2014

075-077:  Steven Peck:  Evolution and Mormonism October 2014

072-074:  The Church College of New Zealand/Temple View Saga October 2014

070-071:  Patrick Mason:  The Messiness of Mormon History October 2014

069:  James Patterson:  From Devout to Faithful Doubter October 2014

067-068:  Emma and Roy Hann:  Voices from Scotland September 2014

066:  George Handley:  Environmentalism and Mormonism September 2014

065:  Liz and Pete Cammock:  Kiwis riffing on this Mormon Moment August 2014

064:  Carys Bray:  British Mormon Novelist and Author of ‘A Song for Issy Bradley’ August 2014

063:  Kate Kelly:  Feminist and Optimist July 2014

062:  Gina Colvin and Mark Crego:  A Thoughtful Faith Re-launch July 2014

060-061: Russell Stevenson:  Elijah Abel – Early Black Mormon Priesthood Holder September 2013

055-059:  Terryl Givens:  A Conversation July 2013

054:  Boyd Jay Petersen:  A Conversation June 2013

049-053: Richard Bushman:  Mormon Stories Re-Release June 2013

047-048:  Amy and Jeff:  Are you a Member of the Mormon Club?  May 2013

044-046: Jeremy Timothy:  Depression, Neurology and Theodicy May 2013

041-042:  Dan McDonald:  Gethsemanesia April 2013

039-040:  Adam Miller:  On Grace April 2013

037-038:  Rebecca Maesato:  Faith and a Road Less Travelled March 2013

033-036:  Andrea Radke-Moss: Mormon Women’s History and Gender Equality March 2013

031-032:  James McConkie: Family, Faith and the Historical Christ March 2013

030:  Lindsay Hansen Park:  Feminism Wants What you Want March 2013

029:  Natasha Helfer-Parker & Jennifer Finlayson-Fife: Cognitive Dissonance and Faith Transition February 2013

027-028: Brian Hales:  Joseph Smith’s Polygamy with Sarah Collett February 2013

023-026:  John Gustav-Wrathall:  A Story of a Gay, Legally Married, Active Latter-day Saint with Daniel Parkinson February 2013

022:  Bob Rees:  Forgiving the Church and Loving the Saints with Micah Nicholaisen February 2013

019-021:  John Dehlin:  Reflection and Reconstruction with Sarah Collett January 2013

018:  Nathaniel Givens: Epistemic Humility with Micah Nicholaisen January 2013

017:  John Kesler: On Incorporating Meditation to Expand and Enrich Spiritual Practice with Sarah Collett January 2013

016:  Micah and Sarah:  A Vision for ATF January 2013

015:  Kristina Monson:  Wearing Pants to Church  December 2012

013 – 014:  Michael Barker: Faith Crisis and Inoculation with Micah Nicholaisen December 2012

011 – 012:  Neylan McBaine:  The Mormon Women Project and Creating Gendered Participation December 2012

010:  Terry & Fiona Givens:  Faith, Doubt and The God Who Weeps with Sarah Collett November 2012

009:  Chase and Rebecca’s Story with Sarah Collett October 2012

008:  Thomas Alexander:  Wisdom and Faith with Sarah Collett October 2012

007:  Margaret Young:  Race and Gender Dynamics in Modern Mormonism with Kylan Rice September 2012

006:  Darius Gray and Margaret Young:  Blacks and the LDS Priesthood with Kylan Rice September 2012

005:  Rock Waterman:  Pure Mormonism September 2012 with Micah Nicholaisen September 2012

004:  John Sorenson:  Book of Mormon Historicity with Sarah Collett September 2012

003- 004:  Phil Barlow: A Thoughtful Faith with John Dehlin September 2012

002:  Trent Stephens:  Evolution, Science and Faith with Sarah Collett September 2012

001:  Greg Prince:  A Manifesto for Change with Micah Nicholaisen

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  1. slick
    January 5, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Who sings that version of “nearer my god to thee?” It’s beautiful.

    • Gina Colvin
      January 5, 2016 at 5:26 pm

      That’s the Lower Lights.

      • John Daniels
        February 5, 2016 at 8:13 pm

        Dear Gina Colvin,
        the reason I am writing this letter to you is because after reading your articles in http://www.patheos.com/blogs/kiwimormon/about/ I felt you maybe able to point me in the right direction regarding the book I am writing called Maori Mormons in Australia.
        This is a video of me speaking in a conference held for the Lamanite Generation and why the LDS church leadership supports the DNA results as being true. In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYzvjLugbCk
        I skim over the surface of the issues surrounding the rejection of the LDS church to give welfare to low income indigenous members of the church.

        please respond I have a few question to ask you

        best regards

        John Daniels
        Attachments area
        Preview YouTube video ex-Mormon Australian temple worker

  2. March 8, 2016 at 11:45 am

    I’ll always read anything Gina writes!

  3. September 7, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Hey there,

    My name is Tyson Bradley, a fellow member of the LDS faith. I’m looking for other podcasters to connect with as a way to branch out, learn, and help each other.

    Not sure if you would be willing to connect sometime, but I’d love to pick your brain and get your advice on how you go about preparing and managing your podcast.

    You can check out my podcast (link below) and let me know what you think.


    Best Wishes,

    Tyson Bradley

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