202: Stages of Faith, God and Church: What to do when things change: Pastor Alan Jamieson

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Dr Alan Jamieson is the senior pastor at the South West Baptist Church in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He is an author of multiple books on faith development.

He took an interest in why people leave the church as a young pastor, and while grappling with his own crisis of faith found the work of James Fowler helpful.  After completing his PhD on the faith lives of those who leave evangelical and Protestant churches he completed an informal post-doc with Fowler and continued his friendship and association with him.

Alan Jamieson and I discuss the stages of faith, in particular, the sacredness and importance of doubt in the development of faith.   We talk about the implications for those ministering to those in faith crisis and how church leaders and communities can best respond to those with doubts and questions.




  1. Abrielle Davies

    I listened to this episode today on a run. No I just loved it. I wish I had a place to go like this baptist church. The ideas and he thoughtfulness of the pastor were refreshing. Thank you.

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