304: A Faithful Response to the Sins of Church and State – Christian Anarchism: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

Photo Credit: Anarchy by Jannes Pockele

Alexandre Christoyannopolous is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Loughborough University.   He’s of French and Greek parentage and without a religious upbringing arrived out of curiosity at the door of Christian anarchism and ended up writing his PhD thesis on the topic.

Alex’s book, ‘Christian anarchism: A Political Commentary on the Gospel’ brings some of the most important thinkers together in one volume.  Alex’s book highlights the underlying revolutionary intention of the gospels that gets so lost in the business, ideologies, and the financial exchanges of the church.  

Alex joins me to discuss the radical character of the Jesus Way that has shaped Christian Anarchist thinking.




  1. Deg

    I suppose we all ought to be anarchists then.
    I think we need to constantly challenge our institutions gently nudging them in the right direction.
    As we all nudge together we will head in the right direction.

    It really all snowballs from there.

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