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206: Mother’s Milk:  Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother:  Rachel Hunt Steenblik

206: Mother’s Milk: Poems in Search of Heavenly Mother: Rachel Hunt Steenblik

“For this book, Rachel Hunt-Steenblik wrote 246 small poems exploring aspects of our Heavenly Mother. And BCC’s own Ashley Mae Hoiland complemented these poems with more than 40 original drawings. The result is an intimate discussion of the deep human longing for a Mother God.”







Music Credits:

Madoka Ogitani (2015) ‘Calmness’ in Take a Walk. Free Music Archive
Madoka Ogitani (2015) ‘Exploring’ in Take a Walk. Free Music Archive

Dave Depper,  Wholesome 1, Free Music Archive

Violeta Päivänkakkara, The Songs of Leaves, Free Music Archive
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  1. Whitney

    I just wanted to thank both of you for this beautiful podcast. I found myself brought to tears with each poem that Rachel read. I grew up in the church and still currently have one foot in it and find any discussion on the divine feminine to resonate deeply with my soul. From my experiences it really does seem that people are waking up to the idea of the divine feminine and a lack of it in our society, and not just within LDS culture but worldwide. I recently lived in an ashram in India for a month and participated in women’s circles corresponding with the moon that other women just decided to create while there, many of the creators being from South America. I had read about women’s circles before but didn’t know how I would ever be able to experience one where I live in Logan, Utah until that moment. The first circle I had tears running down my cheeks the entire time as I felt a divine feminine presence inside me as well as emanating from the women in the circle. Since returning home I took a leap and decided to start my own women’s circles and hosted my first circle last month where 40 random women from the town showed up! I couldn’t believe it but then when I thought about it, it totally made sense. In our highly patriarchal society, we need sacred spaces for women and we as women are craving it. So thank you both for your continued dialogue on the subject. Love and light to both of you!

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