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288:  Boy Scouts, the LDS Church and Sexual Predators:  Tim Kosnoff

288: Boy Scouts, the LDS Church and Sexual Predators: Tim Kosnoff

Tim Kosnoff, victims’ advocate and attorney, returns to the podcast to discuss the growing wave of sexual abuse allegations being made against the Boys Scouts and the long-standing relationship between the BSA and the LDS Church.


  1. Martine

    What a great and important interview for us in the U.S. who have had children go thru the BSA program! Sexual abuser flies started in 1915????? And a new one was opened every three days! And then every two days!!!! Who knew? Unfortunately, practically no one because the Boy Scouts of America kept those files well-hidden to protect the institution!

  2. David

    I find it very sad that the church I’ve devoted over 20 years to building up the kingdom of God on earth can’t own up to mistakes and apologize to any of it’s victims.

    Could it possibly be because the culture of suing for damages done?

    How much are victims normally asking for in damages?
    Why is it that the church has to pay when there was a specific individual operating outside expectations of its members in clear defiance of the law and statutes of God?

    It’s a lot of pain, but I lost of little respect for great work that Tim Kosnoff when he fails to see any good for institutions to live on and continue to do good because the number of abuses that happen within them. That’s unfair. I get that he is out there to defend the interests of his clients but a lot of good do happen from institutions not all experiences are bad…

    That said I have lost more respect for BSA and the LDS church for making it very difficult to prosecute misbehavior and the cover up, but like I said doesn’t the culture of suing and over compensation is part of the blame here as well?

  3. Jane

    Why wouldn’t the church be interested in providing psychotherapy for these victims and compensation for suffering sometimes over a lifetime? Why wouldn’t they confess and repent? Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within you. It is certainly not in buildings or bank accounts or any other external construct. We should be interested in healing souls. This information must get out. Thanks for the interview.

  4. This makes me so sad and mad at the same time. I enjoyed scouts, but with all this coming out of what they are doing I don’t want my boys in it. If anything I’ll use my old scout books and do it with my boys myself.

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