165: Elise Boxer: The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Sacred Work of Environmental Protection

Credit Ryan Vizzions ‘Defend the Sacred’

Dr Elise Boxer (Oceti Sakowin) joins me to discuss the Dakota Access Pipeline.  She provides the context for the issue and explains what is at the centre of the protest at Standing Rock including the environmental and cultural consequences should the pipeline go ahead.  We also talk about the Mormon ‘response’ (or lack of response).




  1. Bliss Doubt

    Thank you so much for this interview. It is such a huge issue, and you’ve put everything in one place, the history, the problems, the protests, the rights, the lack of government oversight, or the government complicity. I’m sharing this all over the place.

  2. Dakota Access spokespersons have argued the pipeline is needed to improve the overall safety to the public, it helps the US to attain energy independence , and it is a more reliable method of transport to refineries than by rail. Proponents also say the pipeline will free up railroads which will allow farmers to ship more Midwest grain.

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