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237:  Finding Jesus All Over Again:  Hagen & Otteson:  The Lent Series

237: Finding Jesus All Over Again: Hagen & Otteson: The Lent Series

Faith change or Impasse is often met with a resistance to our early life stories of the Divine.

In this Lent series episode #3 Katie Hagen and Steve Otteson talk about rediscovering Jesus, finding new stories of the Christ and their journey to discern the spiritual disciplines and practices that support these new awakenings.


  1. David

    As an active LDS member it’s tough to swallow this episode.
    I didn’t appreciate the criticism and at the same side I understand that the LDS church isn’t for everyone even if it purports to be.

    Having grace for each other is necessary… I think it’s important to wrestle with the tension to make Church a better place for everyone.
    When I think of Christ he stood up for his church to make it better even in the it cost him his life… I hope I can do the same minus costing my life if I can avoid that.

    1. Gina Colvin

      What do you mean critical? What was critical about it? I thought it struck a tone faithful to our shared love for Jesus Christ. Of course the church is going to come up because that’s where we come from, but it wasn’t critical, as much as it provided some gentle and honest critique.

  2. Kathryn

    Thank you so much for doing this episode. In an interfaith marriage, I’ve celebrated the season of Advent for a number of years as my husband, a Quaker with Episcopal-Lutheran roots, always did growing up. I feel like it adds so much to the celebration of Christmas. I’ve never really considered the season of Lent before, but what you said about it being a contemplative season to really focus on this part of Jesus’ life makes so much sense. I’ve never quite figured out how to celebrate Easter, I think partially because it has seemed to pop up out of thin air since there is no LDS tradition of celebrating even Palm Sunday or Good Friday. Next year, I’d like to incorporate it into my practice. I also want to take a closer look at the rest of the liturgical calendar to see what other lovely traditions I might find there. Thanks again for this episode as well as the many others that make me think and consider my approach to faith in different ways.

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