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196 & 197: Global Mormonism: Azul Uribe  – What Does Belonging Mean? (A Bicultural US Mexican Deportee)

196 & 197: Global Mormonism: Azul Uribe – What Does Belonging Mean? (A Bicultural US Mexican Deportee)

Credit: Jurek d. @Flickr

When Azul Uribe was 11 years old she was sent from Mexico to live with her Grandmother in the US.  She lived there for 15 years when she tragically discovered that she was undocumented.  After a 2.5 year battle in the courts, she was deported to the Mexico with a 10 year ban from reentering the US, leaving behind a life, friends and loved ones.

In Part One we discuss how Mormonism’s American cultural imperialism plays out in Mexico.  In Part Two we talk about how it came about that she was deported.


  1. David

    What an incredible infuriating raw but really powerful story.
    How the legal system can be incredibly unfair, but somehow has been able to shape Azul into this incredible amazing person.

    I hope we get to hear more from Azul in the future as a powerful agent of change to bring more fairness and justice to US legal system and even LDS church policies.

    After hearing Azul’s story I feel bad about being completely powerless to affect her outcome and overall situation, but may god bless her to be reunited with her family and loved ones.

    In the church’s defense, they do have programs to help out people be more self reliant and the bishop store house is available when food is needed, but a lot more can be done for sure.

    In a perfect world we would always extend open arms and share our love and kindness, but unfortunately that is not the world which we live in, but we should all be continually working to make the world a better place. Starting with the legal immigration system sounds like a great place to start.

  2. Tony

    another point of thought of during this discussion was that when they announced that some GA were going to give their conference talks in their native language. Well that went well, 1x only ??? . What happened. Too many Americans complained of having to listen to a translated talk ? Make a policy, but if not serve the Wasatch front membership, it does not last to help the larger body.

  3. Tracy Austin

    Azul is a bright, articulate young woman. I enjoyed hearing her words very much. Mature beyond her years. It was disturbing to hear that some LDS members who could have acted with a tad of decency and compassion, did not. Shameful. 🙁 Btw Azul – we all make mistakes. It sounds as if you were put in a compromising position. Please forgive yourself, you’ve way way beyond earned it. I hope you can be reunited with your family soon. You have much to offer this crazy world.
    All the very best.

  4. Tony

    Beyond the Greyhound, The LDS church is sending undocumented missionaries to missions that are within driving distance of Utah (the 12 Western States) and having members drive them to the mission (Denver, Phoenix, LA, LV, Boise, etc.)

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