267: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Affinity Fraud: Mark Pugsley

Photo Credit: ‘Fraud Key’ by Mike Lawrence.

Mark Pugsley is a lawyer in Salt Lake City Utah who specialises in recovering money lost by investors due to bad advice or misconduct.  He has represented victims of investment fraud and unsuitable investment recommendations in civil litigation, whistleblower cases, and receivership (clawback) cases for over twenty years.

Mark reports that Affinity Fraud is a big problem in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints community and he’s repeatedly called on leaders of the LDS Church to be more proactive in warning church members that they need to carefully evaluate investment opportunities on their merits, regardless of who is pitching them.

Mark hosts the Utah Securities Fraud website which can be found and contains all of the latest on investment fraud cases in Utah.




  1. David MacKay

    For the record, I’ve seen the church open up their ward buildings multiple times in Latin America when disasters are hit.
    It all depends on the local needs.

    Affinity fraud ought to be addressed in General Conference and perhaps they have.

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