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185: Growing the Narrative and Speaking with Candor: Richard Bushman

185: Growing the Narrative and Speaking with Candor: Richard Bushman

Credit: Embedded World by Andrea @Flickr

Professor Richard Bushman’s contribution to contemporary Mormon Studies cannot be overstated.  In this interview we discuss the need for a refreshed understanding of the idea of the ‘translation’ of the Book of Mormon; the imperative for a more supple Mormon conversation, and  the urgency for us to speak up with candor at church.  We also talk about the upcoming Mormon Arts Center Festival at Riverside Church in New York City!

Link to the New Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Translation Conference to be held at Utah State University in Logan, on 16th March 2017.



  1. clh

    It was pure delight listening to this podcast. Appreciate Richard’s wise, tempered and generous yet candid approach to today’s challenges in our Mormonism. Thank you!

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  3. Rebecca

    Thank you for this podcast inviting us to speak up with love and hopefully help to let others know of our churches history. My husband had left because of his shock and anger at not being taught/told these issues before. It does have to start somewhere.

  4. Rebecca

    Thank you for your encouraging words to speak up but with love. My husband left the church in shock and with anger that he had not been taught/told our churches history. I’m glad they are starting to be talked about. It is also good to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts on gays and lesbians. Love is key.

  5. A Happy Hubby

    I am in the process of disengaging from activity in the church for my emotional health. I don’t know if I will re-engage or not. I can say that if I had a Richard Bushman type to hang around and would give some validity to my concerns, my odds of staying engaged or returning would go way up. I don’t need a superman historian, but someone that knows the history a bit and can say, “I see how that can be hard to swallow” and have a discussion about how he views it. Instead I get member that if I bring up even the peep stone I get told that I need to stop talking about that anti-Mormon stuff at church and I have a nice bishop that THINKS he knows all the history since he is a bit out of the norm and has actually read the essays.

    We need more Richards and Claudias in the church. I feel I can bet that now as I am just too emotionally worn down.

  6. Craig

    It meant a lot to me to hear Richard specifically call out reconciliation to LGBTQ brothers and sisters as one of the main issues that needs to be dealt with in our modern Mormon paradigm. We all know it…but it is deeply validating to have it mentioned by someone who knows our history so comprehensively.

    Will you be sharing details about the art show at Riverside Church? I did a quick search and couldn’t find any specific information…

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