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269:  What are they doing with tithing in the UK? Chris Mace

269: What are they doing with tithing in the UK? Chris Mace

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In the United Kingdom, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a registered Charity overseen by the Charity Commission.  This means it is must provide a public benefit and it needs to be transparent.

But the LDS Church in the UK is anything but transparent and rather than present the accounts to its membership for discussion it observes the mandatory public reporting regulations but doesn’t tell all interested parties of its availability.  And there’s good reason because a decent look at the accounts reveals a concerted effort to carry on its activities in the United Kingdom as if it were a US corporation sole with no public accountability.

In this discussion, Chris Mace joins me once again to dive into the public record to see what the latest figures and sums reveal about the LDS Church’s financial operations in the United Kingdom.


  1. I have alerted the UN and INTERPOL about the Mormon church. I also have notified the California Attorney General and am gathering signatures to petition the FBI ( Why? Because it is perpetrating fraud. How? It has buried in its Gospel Topics Essays (within the true foundational claims of its sordid history, while its pitch men and pitch women (the 67,000 missionaries – I was one of them in ’72-’74) are inducing people to join this cult/tax exempt charity by presenting them with the sanitized, sugarcoated version of the foundational claims. That is Fraud! Furthermore, the cult’s historian, Steven E. Snow, has stated publicly (we have him on tape: that there will be no campaign to roll out these Gospel Topics Essays to the church membership or the public at large, because in his opinion 90% of church members do not not care about them. Instead, the Gospel Topics Essays will be slowly integrated in seminary and institute curricula to ‘inoculate the rising generation’ – his words. My YT channel (44age) contains 125 videos of the fraud and my exit. My first video of April 20/18 has garnered over 110,000 views. I also have launched a class action lawsuit. If you are a responsible citizen of your country, you need to notify your authorities. It is no wonder that Russia has prohibited the cult from proselyting.

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