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222: Further Gendering the Temple Baptistry: Joanna Smith & Paula Baker

222: Further Gendering the Temple Baptistry: Joanna Smith & Paula Baker

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Mormon Temple policy doesn’t change a great deal from year to year, so the 14 December 2017 announcement that extends the rights of Baptistry officiation to 16-17-year-old boys was a surprise.

While this might bring gasps of pleasure for the boys, there are, naturally, questions and concerns with respect to the impact this has on Young Women who have been given administrative duties.

Joanna Smith and Paula Baker join me to discuss the implications for Mormon girls and women.


  1. Dot

    As always Gina, ahead of your time. Oh gosh, I hope that doesn’t make you some kind of a prophet or something. You would have to transgender or something……

    Seriously, you garner the kinds of conversations that we need so badly to hear. I don’t come here to thank you enough, but I never fail to recommend you to the thinking sector.

    Thank you for pushing us beyond the mundane.

  2. Stacie Lowman

    I wonder if this policy change would have happened if there were women who served in the quorum of the 12? How different things would run and function with both men and women were involved at the administrative level of the church. These are the conversations and thought provoking questions and concepts that everybody in the church needs to hear. Thank you for this podcast.

  3. Reagan Barbosa

    My heart felt such pain when listening to your stories about having records of being sealed to men you no longer want to be attached to. A great great aunt of mine was strangled to death by her husband after her father turned her and her two little sons away and told her to go home to her husband. My mom did the temple work to seal her to the husband who murdered her so that her two boys could be sealed to her. I am so livid about this. I’m thinking of naming a daughter after her so her memory can live on and not be forgotten.

    1. Cindy Middleton

      Wow! Just wow…… 😯 What a heartbreaking story, Reagan Barbosa.💔 I certainly hope you can find a way to preserve & honor your great, great Aunt’s memory & legacy. Such a family tragedy that she would be sealed to the man who murdered her, whose name should have been removed from the records of the Church. 😢

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