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259:   The Feasibility of Staying: Tom Mikota

259: The Feasibility of Staying: Tom Mikota

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Tom Mikota has designed special effects on such blockbuster movies as Avatar, King Kong, Tintin etc.  But it wasn’t until he was shoulder tapped to work on the First Vision Theater on Temple Square that questions erupted in him.  After a lifetime of faithful service, he was introduced to the contradictory first vision accounts that he was employed to represent as an employee of the church.

In this interview, we walk through Tom’s faith crisis and we confront the question, ‘Is Mormon orthopraxy feasible when Mormon orthodoxy has ceased?’


  1. Dot

    Gina, thank you for somehow having your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with those of us who take religion very seriously, and yet are unable to continue in the way we were. Once were warriors! 🤪Seriously, I didn’t know how to stay in the church, and longed for discussion of my God-journey with the older and the wiser, but it never happened. I am happier out, and with my anticipated future life-span, I will never see changes that will come eventually.

    And thank you Tom, I so get you, and wish you and Mrs Tom the very best.

  2. Anon

    EXCELLENT interview, Gina! I’m so impressed with you. You have incredible wisdom and articulate it extremely well.

    I’m also impressed with Tom’s ability to articulate his insights and journey as well. This was great listening.

    I wish you BOTH the very best as you go forward in your lives.

  3. Loved It!

    Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing. You know when a major special effects artist can’t get Joseph Smith’s different First Vision accounts to mesh together in a movie there’s a problem.

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