231: Revisiting Fowler’s Stages from 0-6: Stage 0-1: Sara Hughes-Zabawa

Credit: torbakhopper @flickr

In thinking about Fowler’s stages model, adults don’t tend to discuss the childhood phases.  Yet, we all have parts of each stage present in us, whether some have been mostly passed through, and others are nascent.

In a series of podcasts over 2018, with Sara Huges-Zabawa (LMSW),  we consider each of these stages and their spiritual usefulness.  Sara also offers a guided meditation that helps us reconnect with their beauty and wisdom.

Stages 0-1 are worth considering, particularly as parents, as we navigate the spiritual and religious socialization of our children.  But they are also instructive for adults and thinking about them helps us make sense of our early faith beginnings.


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