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247:  Commentary:  The Ministering Programme & President Nelson’s World Ministering Tour:  Peter Bleakley

247: Commentary: The Ministering Programme & President Nelson’s World Ministering Tour: Peter Bleakley

Credit: ‘The King’ by Peter Miller. cc

In Part One, Peter Bleakley (London) offers optimistic and enthusiastic commentary on the new ministering programme currently being rolled out to replace Home and Visiting Teaching.

In Part Two the World Ministry Tour of President Russell Nelson, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson, Elder Jeffrey Holland and Sister Patricia Holland comes under fire.



  1. Hedgehog

    I always enjoy Peter Bleakley’s perspectives, both on the podcast, and posts on the Rational Faiths. Can’t disagree with the commentary on the OTT introductions to President Nelson. However I think conflation of the terms ministry and ministering explain why he was doomed to disappointment here. It was President Nelson’s Global Ministry (not ministering) Tour – as in President Nelson has a global ministry – not just to the US or Utah church, so from that perspective getting out the across the globe at the start, is demonstrably a recognition of that, even if there are issues about the way it was managed and how much he was bigged up by the team. I haven’t encountered anyone else who was expecting training on the new ministering programme from the London broadcast.

    Incidentally 1995 until we moved 2006 we were in the Canterbury stake, which at least at that time included the Gravesend ward.

    1. Peter

      Yes, we are still in the Canterbury Stake! I’m SURE someone senior mentioned that the tour was going to be adding further information about the Ministering concept as part of its rollout. Maybe I got the wrong end of the stick. 🙂

  2. Jan

    Sorry, I don’t do Facebook but would like to reply to Jim Wilson. I believe the balance you are requesting be given in this podcast, Jim, is found in weekly discussions at church and among the vast majority of LDS saints. There is no place at church in fact to talk about conflicting messages from the leadership. Any thoughts that differ from the messages you are requesting be represented here are immediately shut down. This podcast IS the effort to balance ideas. In addition, since you brought up the Malachi 3:10, I would suggest that you are proof-texting that scripture. Even though the scripture is addressing tithing, you have pulled it from the context and the disregarded the audience that Malachi is addressing. He is not addressing tithe-payers in this scripture as you imply. Malachi is addressing the priests in charge of the storehouse. He is condemning their practice of trying to build up coffers in the storehouse instead of using the goods to support the poor. The emphasis of paying tithing to a poverty stricken population by President Nelson et al is even more egregious according to a correct reading of that scripture.
    I appreciated this insight. I found Peter’s comments about death as taught by President Nelson very interesting. I have heard repeatedly that Russel Nelson’s life has been preserved and prolonged to fulfill his earthly mission to lead the church. It is ironic that it is okay for anyone else to die if they are worthy but only he is special enough to live (even though he is among the most worthy) and enjoy a long life to serve as a leader?

  3. Susan

    There’s a simple explanation for Nelson’s attitude — he’s a former surgeon and surgeons frequently suffer from a God complex. His former profession combined with his current call as prophet only magnifies the mindset.

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