213: How Did the Mormons Get So Vested in the Political Battle over Homosexuality?: Kendall Wilcox

Filmmaker, Kendall Wilcox and I delve into the question of why the LDS Church has poured so much legal and political energy into the preservation of heterosexual marriage and its corollary debates over religious freedom.




  1. Duck

    @Kendall Wilcox: will your crowd sourcing funded project you ran through Indiegogo, one to which many people, including myself, gave a great deal of money to ever be shown as the documentary you told us would be made? That was a couple of years ago, if not longer. Had I known that you really would not complete your documentary, I would not have offered my hard worked for money. I am a bit offended that you have not kept your word. You could, at the least, offer to give us back our money. Or, let us see your finished product. We have been told for years that you would complete this. Again, that was years ago.

    1. I understand your frustration and consternation, Duck. I take your donation and support seriously. We have worked through several iterations of the documentary over the years. It is not on what we believe is its final iteration. We plan to have it ready for the world by February of next year and we can only hope that it will be worth the wait.

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