221: Mormon Women at Divinity School: Fatimah Salleh & Katie Langston

Credit: Hernan Pinera @Flickr

\It seems most unMormon for anyone to receive a call to ministry.  Mormons are supposed to wait for someone in the church to extend that call and as things stand no call for women in the LDS Church involves ordination.  But what happens when Mormon women hear the call?

In this discussion The Rev. Dr Fatimah Salleh, and candidate for ordination, Katie Langston, talk about where their calls to ministry have taken them.




  1. Kimberly

    Thank you, my friends, for such an uplifting, hopeful conversation. I cannot tell you how edifying it is to follow your journeys as strong, educated, authoritative women of faith.

  2. Christy

    Gina, once again, a fabulous coming together of enlightened women! I am surprised more Mormon women have not gone this way. So glad to follow you on your journey, too. Thank you!

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