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198: Global Mormonism:  Chantal Muller-Mukamurera – Living Graciously with Change (Rwanda & Germany)

198: Global Mormonism: Chantal Muller-Mukamurera – Living Graciously with Change (Rwanda & Germany)

Credit: Iksriv @Flickr

Chantal Mukamurera is Rwandan.  She was born in Burundi, raised in Rwanda and grew up in Germany where she joined the LDS Church and married.  She’s been Catholic, Mormon and is now preparing for the priesthood ordination in the Community of Christ.

Chantal has moved across countries and religious traditions.  She has had to watch a genocide that took the lives of her loved ones.  She has also had to reevaluate the faith that had her heart for most of her adult life.  Chantal’s journey is a lesson in gracious transition and change.


  1. Arthur Patey

    I don’t get it. Is this good for our church or does it cause separation from our most basic faith based beliefs within our worldwide Church? First comment of a particular person I accessed, who is now choosing to be a pastor of another faith, who was once Mormon, does nothing to enlighten me or strengthen my faith in our restored gospel. Just the opposite is true. We need to stay true to the faith that our parents have cherished.

    Maybe I’m missing something here.

    Thank you.

    1. Chantal Müller-Mukamurera

      Life is a process Brothe Arthur Patey and and we learn, discover things and change. The most important for me is to stay close to God and his son Jesus Christ. Where his Spirit guide me, I feel safe.
      If you think every one should stay within the church he or she was born, then there is no need for a Mission anyhow.
      It’ fine for me, when you feel home and welcome in your congragation, but people are different every where and every one has the right to chose where he or her heart belongs and where the most personal progress come from.
      Grace and peace to you

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