Conversations about the religious and spiritual life on the other side of fundamentalism
300:  For New Beginnings:  Gina Colvin

300: For New Beginnings: Gina Colvin

Photo Credit: ‘A New Day’ by Vern

Gina Colvin, host of A Thoughtful Faith Podcast offers a reflection on her personal spiritual and religious journey and how a vibrant spiritual life is invariably filled with interesting twists and turns, some quite surprising!

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  1. Joy

    Thank you for this. I completely agree with all of the conditions you outlined – I only wish those changes in the LDS church were eminently possible. Love to you and your family Gina!!

  2. Eden

    Thank you so much for this Gina! I received my confirmation that my name has been removed from the records of the church on Thursday and this podcast helped me feel so much peace with my decision. Thank you for your honesty, openness and spirituality. And thank you so much for bringing Meagan to Pennsylvania with you last year, you both touched my heart and spoke to my soul in ways I hadn’t experienced before.

  3. Julie Christiansen

    I’m so happy for you, Gina. I respect and admire you beyond my ability to articulate. Thank you for inspiring and teaching me about the mindful journey of faith. Namaste.

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