199: Global Mormonism: Lindy Yamamoto and Robert Slaven – Sleeping Next to an Elephant (Canada)

Credit: Marina @Flickr

Too often the unique cultural identity of Canadian Mormonism gets lost in the noise of their neighbours to the South.  In 1977 Canadian author Margaret Atwood, said of the United States:

“About the only position, they have adopted towards us, country to country, has been the missionary position, and we are not on top.  I guess that is why the national wisdom vis-a-vis them has so often taken the form of lying still, keeping your mouth shut and pretending you like it.”

In this podcast, Lindy Yamamoto and Robert Slaven call for more Canadian authenticity in the Mormon experience.  They also give Southern Alberta a hard time!




  1. While it’s true that Lethbridge (and even more so in the surrounding towns) is pretty white, it’s a bit misleading to say no immigrants settle here. For example, Lethbridge has the largest Bhutanese population in Canada and Spanish is the fourth most common first language spoken. We have more Asians in Lethbridge than we do First Nations, even thought there are two reserves on our back step.

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