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186: Mormon Studies: Attending to the Difficult Issues: Philip Barlow

186: Mormon Studies: Attending to the Difficult Issues: Philip Barlow

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Philip Barlow, Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture, and the 2017 fellow at the Maxwell Institute at BYU joins me to discuss the importance of Mormon Studies in the tradition.  We discuss the need for new conversations regarding the Book of Mormon and its translation, and the continued relevance  of Joseph Smith in the tradition.

Phil will be presenting at the New Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Translation Conference to be held at Utah State University in Logan, on 16th March 2017.


  1. clh

    It was pure delight listening to this podcast. Appreciate Richard’s wise, tempered and generous yet candid approach to today’s challenges in our Mormonism. Thank you!

  2. clh

    Sorry, this comment was meant for the Richard Bushman interview. Didn’t realize there was already another new interview! Look forward to listening to Gina and Phil Barlow also!

  3. A Happy Hubby

    I do appreciate the several times that Phillip commented on, “yes – we need to have more space to discuss XYZ”. Oh so true and good to hear that from someone in his position. Preach it up above Phillip as that attitude is NOT getting down to the ward level.

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