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250:  Living Honestly with Mormonism’s Past and Present:  Brian Whitney

250: Living Honestly with Mormonism’s Past and Present: Brian Whitney

Credit: ‘Shadows’ by WH @Flickr: cc

Brian and Gina discuss the complexity of the experience of Mormonism when confronted with eyes wide open to both its past, its present and its changing contexts.


Brians’ Website:  Mormonism in Context



  1. Happy Hubby

    I have enjoyed Brian on the Mormon News Report podcast, but really enjoyed getting to know Brian more on this podcast. I will have to give Mormonism in Context another review. I do remember it coming out, but I was in a bit more of the anger stage of my faith transition and it just felt like an apologist site and I had become quite turned off from those right about then.

    Thanks Gina and Brian for the interesting conversation. I REALLY the comments about the Seattle bishop that focused on helping people. I could stay in a church where that is the focus.

  2. Ceci

    I’m so glad I listened to this podcast!

    Mormonism causes so much anxiety inside me. I can’t deal with what Mormonism really is vs. what I was taught it is. I don’t understand apologetics. My most basic question is never answered. If you say you are a Church of Christ then shouldn’t the teachings reflect Christ’s teachings? Christ taught honesty in the most basic form. Tell the truth no matter who you are or where you are at. Was there a time that Joseph was actually honest in all his dealings? It appears that Joseph used “carefully worded denials” and deceptions at every phase of his life. What’s so prophetic about being a liar? Which comes back to Gina’s point about people falling to pieces and believing nothing after finding out how the church deceived because of the stringent belief requirements of Mormonism. I fell apart completely and I’m trying to find my place of belief but Mormonism keeps getting in the way.

    Thanks for your thoughts Brian and Gina.
    -Brian IMO the church wanted a social media fast to attempt damage control on the big news about the billions of dollars that the church has. Someone might get the idea that tithing is no longer needed!

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