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289:   Section 132:  Read In Plain English by Gina Colvin

289: Section 132: Read In Plain English by Gina Colvin

Section 132 was Joseph Smith’s revelation that provided the theological justification that allowed select men of the early LDS restoration to have sex with more than one authorized partner. For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, section 132 and the doctrines that have emerged from it inform gender inequality, the continued practice of post-mortem polygyny, male priesthood and more importantly it lays out the doctrine of the New and Everlasting Covenant which is central to the ordinances of the LDS temple.

It’s absolutely essential that those of us in the LDS restoration movement understand Section 132 in order to make sense of Mormon History and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s contemporary theological challenges.

In that spirit I read Section 132 in plain English.


  1. David

    Very funny, but I suppose it was meant to be serious.

    Somehow that same message isn’t the way it is understood.
    It’s very amusing how we gloss over this chapter in Seminary.

    It’s all about Eternal Marriage now.
    I remember when I was a seminary teacher I asked the students if anyone was interested in understanding more about Polygamy. One particular student said, “No, let’s just move on.”

    And Move on we did.
    I was glad we didn’t discuss details in front of the young women in the class, so I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to dodge that bullet.

  2. JT

    Gina, this is wonderful, thank you. I always thought that 132 was exceptionally difficult to parse. When translated to modern English I see that it wasn’t because of my limited understanding. This chapter is a rambling, stream of consciousness mess and God sounds extremely petty in it. 132 is a disgrace and the Church of Christ was correct to reject it.

  3. Mw. Adrie de Jong

    Hey, Gina, did I hear that well ???

    Was Jesus the first to create what later became the Piramid Money Game ? Here He states that the more sperm-spreaders are doing so in Eternal Marriage: the Higher the Glory becomes of/for Jesus Christ !

    Next … only these very few sperm-spreaders will be close to Him in the afterlife … hierarchy all over the place ! And only a few selected men, at the cost of quality of women lives, will reach this state … through Eternal Marriage and Polygamy !

    That this all must be reached through the little snake and underbelly feelings, hints too much for me to another snake, somewhere way back when, in a forgotton Paradise: Didn’t Satan sing in ‘My Turn on Earth’ in “I have a Plan”: ‘and give all the glory to me. Give it to me !’ ?

    Let’s put Eternal Marriage to the test!

    What Would Jesus Do ? What had Jesus said: ‘What you have done to the least of you, you have done it unto me ?’ So, where is Jesus found ? Somewhere way down near the lowest of the lowest ! Many poor and missarable testify of this and proof it with telling their experiences: how they felt Jesus near in the darkest moments and felt supported by Him and were able to hold on to life because He was near. Many, many, many people shared these experiences all over the globe by many different religions.

    So, is Jesus somewhere up on the top celebrating with spermspreading Eternal Marriage Males, gathering His glory this way over the bodies of the least and the lowest, the women, freely given away like lifeless wombs ?

    No, many women share they felt Jesus nearby in their darkest hours. Many, many, many women shared these experiences all over the globe by many different religions.

    I believed earlier, this chapter could not have been inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ, but still had not decided if this assumption could be true. Allthough I thought The Church of Christ (COC) deleted the chapter out of their D&C had been a correct inspired action.

    Jesus is not on Top with the few of hierarchy where patriarchy pride swell. But He is at the bottom, noticing how people are left alone, used and abused and suffering. It’s not about numbers, not even about countless numbers, and quantity, but about quality and seeing each individual and notice it’s worth ! That’s where Christ roams !

    Carol Lynn Pearson described it so well: Holy Week
    and what poligamy does to the quality of life:
    The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: A Visit with Carol Lynn Pearson

    Thank you Gina, for reading it in plain English, I’m convinced now that the chapter is not inspired by Jesus or Joseph, but has been an excuse for Brigham Young and others to act out their evil deeds.

    Adrie de Jong
    The Netherworld … uh … lands

  4. Valerie S.

    Gina, this made me laugh and it made me cry. Wow! I wish I could get everyone to listen to this! But unfortunately, it’s just one more thing I have to keep to myself, because other people don’t want to hear anything that would make them feel bad about their precious Joseph! Who cares how I or so many other women feel?????!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Annette King

    I love your readings. Looking forward to you reading more scripture in plain english. I am listening for a second time as I type Gina, rolling around laughing.

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