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210: On The Edge: Melissa Inouye

210: On The Edge: Melissa Inouye

Melissa Inouye is Chinese, Japanese American and grew up as Mormon in California, aware of her cultural and ethnic differences from the general LDS population.

Melissa reflects on the experience of growing up Asian in the LDS Church along with other reflections on Mormonism and God and spirituality in the religious margins.

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  1. Jason Palmer

    What does the word “theology” mean in the multiple ways it is used in this episode? Could you give an example of a “robust theological underpinning” from a religion that does have “a theology?” Maybe that would help me understand your claim that Mormonism doesn’t have a theology (or is it that they have theology but not “a theology,” or that they are theological but they don’t do things theologically?) Do Mormons have no way of studying God? Do we have no agreements about who God is? It might be a good idea to do an episode (and if you already have one, which is it?) where you go into the basics of what a theology is so that we Mormons who don’t have one can know what we are missing.

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