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307:  Nick Literski:   Spiritually Fulfilled (and Gay)

307: Nick Literski: Spiritually Fulfilled (and Gay)

Credit: A ‘lombre de la Grotte Chauvet’ by Arlette deVoye

Nick Literski discusses the many and varied ways that he has found a vibrant spiritual life after leaving active involvement as a family man in the LDS Church.   It has surprised and delighted him that having a deep and rewarding spirituality did not depend on him denying his sexuality.   

Nick and I talk early faith needs; fundamentalism; faith changes and renewal.

(Produced by Vaughan Chadderton)

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  1. Frederick Burniston

    Dear Nick,
    I see from the IAJS chatline tha twe both have papers on Dionysus in the forth coming Psychological Perpectives. Would you like to exchange papers now or wait on events?

    My emails to IAJS chatline always bounce back and one to CIIS has done the same so I’m contacting you this way.

    Fred Burniston

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