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251:   Impasse:  When your ward turns on you:  Sabine

251: Impasse: When your ward turns on you: Sabine

Sabine (name changed) had served faithfully in the church for years.  Then several incidents involving her children occurred causing her to act swiftly to protect them from bullying and shaming.   The result was a fall-out with her local LDS community followed by a request that she no longer enter the church premises.

Sabine’s is one of many stories in which solvable interpersonal problems are compounded by poor pastoral practice, an attachment to affirming the status of leaders, and a subtle rejection of parents as the ultimate authority when it comes to their children.

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    Sincere thanks for sharing your story, Sabine. Surely, forgiveness is good for one’s soul; however, we need not feel the need to tolerate, especially in cases of abuse or exploitation.

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