220: When Mormons need a Psychiatrist: Neuroplasticity, Scrupulosity, and Children Hoarding: Dr. Bill Bunn

Dr.Bill Bunn is a BYU psychiatrist who specializes in adolescent and young adult psychiatric disorders.  He joins me to discuss mental illness, the brain and neuroplasticity.  We also consider how scrupulosity and anxiety disorders present in LDS communities.

Link to Bill’s website

Link to Book:  Jerk Magnet: A Guide to De-Magnetize





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  1. Isaac

    I loved this discussion! Question/ concern: since people mistake their OCD (and other mental disorders) for the ‘promptings of the Holy Spirit’ or God speaking Truth to them, HOW DO ANY OF US KNOW anything “spiritual”? I am sincerely wondering, not being snarky. How do we truly know anything spiritually? Is your testimony a mental disorder OR divine revelation? Gina, are your concerns with the LDS church simply your own mental compulsions or urges? (And I feel the way you do too! Am I in there with you?) Well, perhaps we can simply take comfort knowing we are all crazy together! LOL!
    Love you!

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