295: The Beginning and End of Church College of New Zealand: Witehira & Puriri

Church College of New Zealand, which was opened in 1958, had a short life by education standards.  For 52 years it served the mostly Māori Mormon LDS community.  But, in a swirl of confusion, it was finally closed in 2009 and demolished.

The school’s motto was ‘Build Now For Eternity’ which motivated many Māori Mormons to contribute money, material resources and years of labour for the building of the school.  Today, despite promises to develop the land and reinvigorate the community of Temple View, few of the promised improvements which were offered to replace a much-beloved school have been realised.

Peter Witehira,  former Chair of the Temple View Heritage Committee, and Rā Puriri join me to discuss the beginning and end of Church College of New Zealand.

Video promoting the LDS Church’s Temple View redevelopment and envisaging.

Link to Aue te Aroha by St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College)



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  1. June 14, 2019 at 6:28 am

    Church College of NZ was the flag-staff of the LDS Church in New Zealand and Maori made significant sacrifices in the construction of the school in terms of donation of time, labour and gifts of money, food and logs from the Waipoua Forest. I had two uncles in the McKay whanau who volunteered as labour missionaries in building the school. When it was announced in 2006 that CCNZ would be closing the school in 2009 it was a sad day for many of us who were former students including myself. I was told by brother Tipi Arthur that the decision for the closure of the school was decided by the leadership of the LDS Church here in Aotearoa New Zealand and not from Salt Lake City.

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