280: A Cathedral Surrounded By Temples: Episcopalian in Utah: The Rev. Tyler Doherty and Cody Hatch

The Rev. Tyler Doherty

The Rev. Tyler Doherty, Priest in charge at St. Marks Cathedral Church in downtown Salt Lake City and parishioner Cody Hatch.

Tyler and Cody join me in this ecumenical/interfaith conversation to talk about what the Episcopal Church has to offer a community that is home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.




  1. Rukie

    This was a lovely podcast. I too, have found a spiritual home at the Episcopal Church and consider myself no less Mormon. And me too, my first time taking communion I asked if I was allowed.
    I had to laugh at the McDonald’s liturgy part. Going to restaurants will never be the same again. Lol

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