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016: Micah and Sarah on Our Vision for ATF

016: Micah and Sarah on Our Vision for ATF

ATF-genericSince it’s the beginning of a new year and all, we thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss how Sarah and I became involved in the A Thoughtful Faith Podcast, and what our collective has been so far, and where we see the podcast moving forward in 2013. We also want to take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude for our listeners, who with resounding support have made us feel validated and uplifted as we have strived to provide the best experience possible for our audience. So thank you all very much, and please stay tuned for a promising new year — more great episodes ahead!


  1. Joe

    Thanks for this and for your work, Sarah and Micah. It was great to learn a little more about the voices on the podcast. Sarah, are you still in Bozeman? My sister lives there. Melanie Hamling. And Micah, I’m from Centerville too.

    I would love to help in some way. I could do computer grunt work for you (I know WordPress fairly well), or even audio editing if you get in a pinch.

  2. I am hatching the idea of producing a podcast. I would identify myself as a TBM and have been working/playing with a practice that gives me the internal transformation, feelings of self-worth and joy that is missing from many church member’s lives. It is a practice that is fully LDS and yet mirrors practices of eastern meditative practices. This would be the subject matter. I have a few friends that would help me. It would be a conversation between us. What’s the next step?

  3. Rich


    Nothing profound to add but wanted to let you know that, having found your podcasts only about a week ago, you are saying/doing exactly what I need right now. I loved especially the above “mission statement” podcast.
    Thank you for what you do and for creating a space for me to breathe in and in which to grow.

    We are out here and we are listening 🙂


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