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017: John Kesler – On Incorporating Meditation to Expand and Enrich Spiritual Experience

017: John Kesler – On Incorporating Meditation to Expand and Enrich Spiritual Experience

John+KeslerThis week I had the pleasure of sitting down with John Kesler to hear about his conversion to the church and subsequently to eastern meditative practices years later. Lately I have been inspired by so many expressions of expanding faith and feel that this expansion is often the natural outcome of questioning and reevaluating.  John Kesler offers a very hopeful perspective  on the possibility of continued spiritual communion with God despite doubt or lack of literal belief.  After encountering Eastern meditative practices years ago he went on to be a founding teacher of the Integral Spiritual Center,  consisting of a group of senior members of various Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.  John then went on to develop his own meditation and awareness practice called Integral Polarity Practice. He is a active member of the LDS Church and has served as a bishop and in several bishoprics and high councils. If you are interested in receiving emails regarding his workshops please email him at


  1. Sharman Wilson

    I am very interested in different spiritual practices, but so far I have not ventured to take myself out of my daily routine and make them personal. I loved this podcast and I would like to get information on how to integrate Mormonism with the spiritual practices of Buddhism that John Kester spoke about. I love Mormonism, but I feel we do a disservice to ourselves and our religion when we neglect truth from other sources.

  2. Becky

    Though this is two years old I found it so enlightening and important to my faith journey. Thank you Sarah Collett, you are an amazing interviewer! I’m grateful to Gina Colvin and all the people involved in producing these podcasts.

  3. TJ

    Great podcast, thank you! I would love to hear more podcasts from believing Mormons, even if their individual application of spirituality differs. This was very interesting and enlightening.

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