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015: All Enlisted’s Kristina Monson on Wearing Pants to Church

015: All Enlisted’s Kristina Monson on Wearing Pants to Church

48e521ee6ea049464ab031879b67b1c0Pantsmageddon! PantsGate! Pants-apocalypse! Whatever term you’ve used over the past week to describe the Mormon frenzy about All Enlisted’s oddly controversial “Wear Pants to Church” event, I think most of us are intrigued about what will actually happen at church tomorrow. With the hope of providing a calm, respectful dialogue on what has become a controversial subject, my lovely wife Stefanie had an opportunity today to interview Kristina Monson, who is a spokesperson and core leader for All Enlisted, the organization sponsoring this event.

Kristina describes herself as a devout, active Mormon Feminist. In this interview she shares some of her backstory and how she has become involved in this new form of Mormon activism. Stefanie and Kristina discuss the motivation and intentions of All Enlisted, and what they hope to accomplish with “Wear Pants To Church” and future activities.

Many thanks to Kristina Monson for taking time out of her national interview circuit to speak with us! And of course, thanks to Stefanie Nickolaisen for sharing this wonderful interview!


All Enlisted’s Twitter Page
“Wear Pants To Church” Facebook Page
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  1. Ben

    To be probably TOO truthful, if women weren’t forcing the issue of church on their spouses and men in general, nobody would even be part of this organization. And to one up that, if their leadership wasn’t bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars annually by creating indescribable guilt in their flock, nobody would be preaching this flawed message.

    Thou art GOD.


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