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150:  Suzette Smith:  A Personal Story of the Exponent II Magazine

150: Suzette Smith: A Personal Story of the Exponent II Magazine

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.03.39 AMSuzette Smith is a single, cancer-surviving Mormon feminist who maintains a strong faith in the LDS church while at the same time wishing for change, particularly for women.

Her singular story points to the importance of seeing beyond binaries, the power of community to literally heal, and the seminal influence of women’s writing and conversations to help each of us build a more authentic and informed faith.

Suzette is a board member on The Exponent II Magazine, Mormonism’s oldest and most well established voice on Mormon feminism.  We discuss the development and mission of the Exponent II and her growth in the thick of this powerful conversation that this volume has inspired.


Link to Exponentii


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.09.00 AM
Elder McCluskey dresses in women’s clothing in an attempt to crash the Sisters’ Conference. Melbourne Australia Mission circa 1991.


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  1. David Salisbury

    I enjoyed this podcast and knowing that you, Suzette, are from Alexandria, VA i’m wondering if we’ve met. We’re you perchance at the Joanna Brooks, Rachel Hunt Steenblik and Hannah Wheelwright discussion of Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings at Greg Prince’s house a few months ago? Any any rate, there are some good things going on around here and some great people in the area.

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