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149:  Greg Olsen: Painting Jesus

149: Greg Olsen: Painting Jesus

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 6.34.31 AMGreg Olsen has been a prolific artist producing some of Mormonism’s most iconic paintings.  He joins me to discuss his work and  what it means to visually represent our most deeply held spiritual yearnings, and our shared imagination of the life of Jesus .





  1. Jessica

    I expected this to be a lighter topic than usual, and was surprised at the depth and nuance that can be found in a discussion of producing religious art. Thanks for something that was a little different, but no less profound.

  2. TJ Sheridan

    Thanks Gina for another fantastic podcast. I’ve been a fan of Greg Olsen’s work for decades. When my wife and I first bought a home together as newlyweds, some 25 years ago, we went out looking for our first piece of art together, and ended up buying two of Greg’s paintings, which still hang in our home today. You’d think as an artist myself, I’d want my own art on my walls, but that’s not how I felt. I wanted someone else’s work, something that inspired me, on my walls. Olsen, Frieberg, and Christensen are the three LDS artists we’ve purchased art from and admired.

    I love hearing origin stories, and appreciated Greg’s story, which surprisingly resembled my own. It’s funny how one key conversation with someone who cares about you can turn your life in a particular direction… it says a lot about the significance of close friendships.

    Thank you both so much for taking the time to share with us. Very grateful.

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