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314:  Factioning Over Questions of Authority:  Cristina Rosetti

314: Factioning Over Questions of Authority: Cristina Rosetti

Photo Credit: Suvodeb Banerjee @ Flikr. CC

Cristina Rosetti is a Roman Catholic woman and scholar who is interested in Mormon Fundamentalism.

She joins me to discuss her own religious and spiritual path.  Oddly her inquiry into Mormon Fundamentalism comes out of an interest in how certainty shapes and creates religious identities.   Her scholarship in Mormonism was initially a way of helping her understand the relationship between faith and doubt, certainty and uncertainty

But, her questions of faith drew her into the world of Mormon Fundamentalism and the way in which Mormonism has unfolded as highly schismatic and overly concerned with truth claims and authority.


  1. Heber Frank

    Molti anni fa andavo in Italia per la chiesa. Mi piace ancora gli italiani. Rosetti è molto intelligente. Come Gentile, tuttavia, è handicappata nel comprendere la pienezza del Vangelo, perché è principalmente per gli israeliti. Potrebbe prendere in considerazione lo studio delle rivelazioni nel secondo libro dei comandamenti.

  2. Katherine Pollock

    If you’re interested in knowing how many groups broke off the LDS Church, I’d message Steven Shields who finished his new edition Divergent Paths of the Restoration. I remember he gave an exact number in a Sunstone Presentation.

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