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313:  Murderous Times:  The Mormon Reformation:  Lindsay Hansen Park

313: Murderous Times: The Mormon Reformation: Lindsay Hansen Park

In order to really understand the LDS Church, one absolutely needs to understand Mormon history. There are few periods in Mormon history that are darker and more defining than the Mormon Reformation.

Lindsay Hansen Park characterizes this period of Mormon history as best understood by imagining what you’d get if you introduced the wild, wild West to an Old Testament God. She further argues that the LDS Church today continues to be shaped by the unresolved violence that took place during that murderous time.


  1. Wow great to have you on Lindsay!!
    I’m a huge fan of you both so it would really be nice to have your opinion on

    Saint Vol. 2
    I’m not sure if its fully released but it is at least partially.

    Not sure if it will compare with the perspective you are offering which seems much more honest and truthful than the sugar coated stuff we get from church.

    It’s sad when we can’t be self critical as a community at large. Leader’s & God can’t be wrong therefore the problem must be with ourselves and we must redouble our efforts to get with the program and be right with the Lord.

    Although at the same time there is a huge sense of power that comes from feeling empowered by God and your community. Working hard can pay off, but lately LDS faith has been shifting to grace. The church at large seems to be going into a complacent mode which will surely cause significant decline. Or perhaps I’m projecting the way I feel on the church as a whole… I should be careful not to conflate the two.

    Thanks again for the insights!!

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