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087:  The New Young Mormon Activists:  A Discussion with Kristy Money and Rolf Straubhaar

087: The New Young Mormon Activists: A Discussion with Kristy Money and Rolf Straubhaar

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 4.49.37 PMIts not often that Mormon couples with similar progressive political dispositions get hitched.  Kristy Money and Rolf Straubhaar are one very fortunate couple.  To find each other in a faith tradition that has embraced a more conservative cultural bent is rather miraculous, but not really unexpected, in a broader social world that is asking hard questions of social institutions.  With Kristy – a  feminist activist, and Rolf – a social justice activist and advocate  their relationship is indicative of a new wave of educated Mormon.   Less inclined to feel bound by the ideological expectations of Mormonism, and unwilling to  sit quietly in their dissidence they have determined that the Mormonism of the future can and ought to be more critically conscious and innovative – where our community direction is owned more by the people than an invisible leadership.  They are as passionate about their faith as they are about their ideas and philosophy – and are aching to be able to bring their whole selves into their religious experience without fear or judgement.   In so many ways they are a quintessential young Mormon couple, fresh out of graduate school with young children, but full of ideas and dreams for a more expansive and inclusive vision of  the faith that has their devotion.


  1. RGenck

    Thank you for your post, you are welcome to join the Don’t Ordain Women group on Facebook.

    Most members realize that the Ordain Women Church is completely apostate, we just like to keep tabson them.

  2. Joy

    I have been following and participating in the dialog surrounding the practice of bishop’s interviews of females. I have met with several church leaders to express my concerns. I have thought much about it. I appreciate Kristy’s comments and concerns relative to the subject and would like to add to it. Kristy suggested that parents attend the interviews. I question the wisdom of requiring young women to submit to interviews with men where questions about their sexuality are addressed even if her parents are in the room. In the present moment, while the policies are what they are, that may be the only alternative, but I believe that we need to examine the entire basis of the practice and question the propriety of bishops’ procedural stewardship over women’s sexuality in any form. Healthy sexual practices should be promoted. Young people need wise leaders to counsel them relative to their sexuality, but women should have equal status, equal access, equal say in all circumstances surrounding sexual issues in the Church including discipline and come up with something better than the current practices.

    1. emmanuel

      when it’s time, I’m going to meet with my bishop and say 2 things:First, I want to particpate in any interview you or any bishopric member have with my daugther and second I only allow to ask the following question: “Do you obey the law of chastity”. if they say yes, fine, if they say no, it’s my responsibility to teach her outside of the bishop’s office. that’s it. If they don’t accept that, there is no interview.

  3. Great to hear from Kristy and Rolf. I first became aware of this wonderful young couple from some of Kristy’s writings. They represent, imo, the best of what Mormonism could and should be—radically seeking social justice for all, or, in other words, applied liberation theology as Rolf mentioned.

    Their voices and contribution make our faith community richer and much more “true and living.”

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