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288: Boy Scouts, the LDS Church and Sexual Predators: Tim Kosnoff

Tim Kosnoff, victims’ advocate and attorney, returns to the podcast to discuss the growing wave of sexual abuse allegations being made against the Boys Scouts and the long-standing relationship between the BSA and the LDS Church.

270: Serving Up Children to Paedophiles: The LDS Church and the West Virginia Michael Jensen Sex Abuse Case: Tom and Juliette

Lawyer Tim Kosnoff recently remarked that he thought that churches were largely harmless.  That was until he uncovered a system of cover-ups, and he witnessed first hand the lengths that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will go…

258: Taking the Mormons to Court: Defending Sexual Abuse Victims against the LDS Church: Tim Kosnoff

Tim Kosnoff is a US attorney who has spent the last two decades representing victims of sexual abuse.   His introduction to the  LDS Church and their lawyers was when he represented Jeremiah Scott who was sexually abused by a serial…