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133:  Mormon LBGT Youth Speak Out:  Annie Jones, Jordan Montgomery and Lottie Roberts

133: Mormon LBGT Youth Speak Out: Annie Jones, Jordan Montgomery and Lottie Roberts

In this episode Annie Jones (16), Jordan Montgomery (17) and Lottie Roberts (17) discuss growing up in the LDS church; coming to terms with their sexuality; grappling with their place in Mormonism, and the impact of the recent policy that renders same-sex married couples as apostates and their children as ineligible for full participation in the church.

“One of the things that makes me the angriest is that many leaders and members are

Annie Jones
Annie Jones

stuck in a loop of confirmation bias; and we know that the church has made mistakes in the past..and even though the church has a history of making poor decisions based on the time period (people are products of their generation) not acknowledging you have made a mistake is childish…and its not good leadership.”  


Lottie Roberts

“Its very upsetting that (the church) views this as a sin…Its not something you can control, its not something you choose.  Its just who you are, and its really hard to be in a community where you hear that who you are is a sin.” 




“It was a flat out lie when Nelson said they [the Quorum of the 12] were in unison.  The

Jordan Montgomery
Jordan Montgomery

Prophet has dementia and this has been known for quite some time.  I don’t even know how they can prop him up and say that he’s the prophet of the living gospel when he can barely read from a teleprompter.”


  1. Kate

    Annie, Lottie and Jordan – thank you so much for all you shared, you are indeed, each, wonderful humans. There are so many things I would like to say, but I do not have the all the words I need, so I will just say thank you, from this gay ex-motmon, for your courage and your thoughtfulness. So glad each of you are in this world, making it a better place.

    1. Karen Andresen

      What??? Law of Chastity says sex between married husband and wife??? Ditch this cult and enter the world of kindness. Mormons are bigots who exclude others. Just because your parents and their parents followed this cult of a religion that makes NO sense, does NOT mean you have to stay. RUN!

  2. Kim

    I’ve just finished listening to this and I commend Annie, Jordan and Lottie for their moral strength and courage. You are fine example of what the youth in the church could be today if not for such hurtful teachings.

    I was wondering if there is a link somewhere to the statement Jordan made on all the apostles not being on the same page regarding what Nelson declared? I’m an ex-mo, but Mormons always want that proof!

    I wish all three of you the best in your pursuits. You deserve all that life has to offer you.

  3. Jean Bodie

    Gina, I love your podcasts – A thoughtful faith is such a nice name and you live up to it.
    I no longer believe in religion or gods and I felt a ‘soft sadness’ that these intelligent young people – wise beyond their years still cling to ideas of ‘something else’ other than what is; better than they are.

    They will figure it all out eventually. I’m just happy for them that they feel loved and supported by their parents as they discover. Discovery is soul food.

    Lots of love, you three; your words can make a difference.

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