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163:  Mormon and Gay:  A Response to the New LDS Website

163: Mormon and Gay: A Response to the New LDS Website

Photo Credit: Kimberly AndersonIn late October 2016 and after  a two year development phase the Mormon and Gay website was launched at  Previously ‘Mormons and Gays’ was the go to place to get a sense of the church’s position on homosexuality – but it was orphaned at an easily dismissable unlinked website.    Having it hosted by is certainly a step forward, and it has a tone that is far softer than its predecessor,  yet guests Kimberly Anderson, Natasha Helfer Parker and Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen take some issue with it, particularly in terms of the potential it has to inflict mental harm.



  1. Rick

    I loved every second of this BRILLIANT podcast! First of all, the meme of bad-ass Natasha Helfer Parker that accompanies this post is hilarious. I smile ear to ear every time I see it. And Gina, you’re always a sensational host—witty, intelligent, approachable, fun loving, thought provoking, and oh-so feisty. I can’t get enough!

    Natasha Helfer Parker…WOW!!! We’re not worthy! I’ve been a fan for years, but you were in rare form in this podcast. You reached me right to the core. I’m a gay active member, 40 years celibate (I guess it can be done!), who is having the small-m experience with the Church. I can’t tell you what a healing, transcendent experience it was to have you articulate with such clarity and passion all of the raw, messy feelings that have been locked in my heart for years.

    I didn’t come out to my parents until I was 27 (after having my BYU diploma securely in hand), and I didn’t even talk to another gay man until this year! My parents and my short-time LDS Family Services therapist regularly discouraged contact with other gay people, believing I would act out and jeopardize my Church standing—despite my impressive level of virtue (I’ve never even kissed!). The isolation and depression were stifling, but the connection I experienced with other marginalized members through Mormon Stories podcasts carried me. I filled my time magnifying every Church calling and assignment that came along. And when you are as responsible as I am, there’s no stopping that train! This year, I finally decided I needed to follow my own spiritual promptings and sensibilities and reach out to others like me. It has been wonderful. I’m determined to live more openly while remaining committed in my relationship to God and the Church. It is just an enormous lift to have such brilliant therapists and friends as Natasha, Lisa, Kimberly, and Gina going to bat for those who suffer, including those in the LDS LGBT community. How can we thank you enough? You’re incredible!

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