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093:  Kristy Money on Belonging, Shame and Identity

093: Kristy Money on Belonging, Shame and Identity

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.18.43 PMClinical Psychologist, Ordain Women Executive Board member, Oped writer, and mother of two – Kristy Money is back at A Thoughtful Faith to talk about the costs of being a Mormon Feminist.   Kristy Money has given up a lot in order to speak bluntly and forcefully about the issues she feels spiritually compelled and directed to champion.  Naturally quietly spoken, and by preference not in the lime light, Kristy reflects on the forces both private and public, domestic and religious  that have sought to cause her shame and silence her.  She reflects on the spiritual and cultural tensions that cause her to simultaneously recoil from the shame of her outspokeness and embrace the spiritual transcdence that comes from living with authenticity.  Ultimately however, even amidst the social and family shunning she has endured she is utterly devoted to the church she loves and is hopeful for change.

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    Wow Kristy, great job. Those of you I know on the board are amazing. I love that you love the church and have an optimistic outlook that the church could change. That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for fighting this fight. I wish I had the stomach to attend and support you from inside the church. As it is, you have my full support from the outside. I hope that your efforts will cause positive change for my neices inside the church. My girls may even choose to re affiliate when they’re older and I can’t stop them. Goodness knows they love their cousins & tbm aunts, uncles & grandparents!

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