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104: Kris Black – On her resignation and her rebaptism

104: Kris Black – On her resignation and her rebaptism

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.47.29 AMTwenty years ago, Kris Black resigned from the church.  Wanting to be free of her ties to Mormonism she went through the then arduous process of having her name removed so that she could feel free to explore other religions and forms of spirituality unencumbered by her ties to the LDS church.  Her eventful life took her into Wiccanism;  The cathedrals of Europe; A corporate job in China; The embrace of the Benedictines; Studies in Black liberation theology, and a doctorate wherein she undertook an examination of Mormon communities.

In this conversation we explore Kris’s  journey back to Mormonism and the development of her faith in a church she once thought she had left for good.

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  1. Gina GREAT podcast. Kris Black brings up some great points and helps me to understand why my crazy branch here in Europe is so dysfunctional. Kris if you ever want a great case study I’ve got one for you. One of the things Kris could look at is flourishing units. I think that the Obedient units might not do it as well.

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