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142:  Jon Ogden:  A Mormon Millennial’s View on Truth, Beauty and Goodness

142: Jon Ogden: A Mormon Millennial’s View on Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Jon OgdenMormon Millennial and blogger Jon Ogden recently lit up the internet with his thought provoking essay on truth, beauty and goodness as a way of working through faith crisis.  Getting the balance right, he argues, can lead us to more productive relationships with each other regardless of the state of our faith.

He joins me at A Thoughtful Faith to discuss new and old ideas that might be helpful to those who find themselves struggling.







Links to Jon’s blogs:

Utah is divided by belief, but this ancient idea can help us close the gap




  1. TJ

    So much of our dogma is for the dogs. Now that the bubble has burst, more of us in the church need to think like this; to develop an open and balanced paradigm that helps us move forward as a people and a culture in a truly loving manner. I found this discussion to be quite helpful. Thank you both, and keep up the great work Gina!

  2. David

    Gina, you’re the best interviewer I know… I will be definitely donating soon to your podcast, which I haven’t yet I’m sorry.

    However, you didn’t ask a key question with regards to Moroni 10:4-5. In a way you did touch upon this by asking “Are revelatory experiences truth then?”, to which I conclude it depends on a combination of Heart and Mind or Goodness/Beauty and Truth/Logic & Fact.

    Our church will mature, and hopefully as a result we will see more Truth, Beauty, & Goodness. At least on a personal level I will seek out more intellectual & spiritual experiences.

  3. Joy

    Jon, have you been exploring the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner? You are speaking the language I’ve become familiar with by studying his works.

    Gina, anthroposophy, the word Steiner used to describe his philosophy, would be worth pursuing in a future podcast. There are many ways in which Mormonism and Anthroposophy are parallel. See “Mormonism and Anthroposophy: Two Tributaries of the Secret Stream,” at

    1. Gina Colvin

      Did I mention anthroposophy on this podcast? It has been in the back of my mind also as a useful framework to explore. My children are at a Steiner/Waldorf school so there is a lot of interest there. Thanks for the links.

  4. Jen K.

    This was so awesome! Thank you so much!! I’m pretty much a novice amateur (yes, I do mean amateur amateur) philosophy-wise, but this fed my soul deeply. I can’t wait to read & hear more.

    Also, I agree with David. Gina you’re a terrific interviewer. Half the time I have to rewind and listen again to really understand what you or your guest have said – but I appreciate that you give us credit for having brains. Thank you for not dumbing anything down and giving us deep wells to drink from. This podcast hit it spot on for me. Thank you.

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