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128: Joanna Brooks:  Mormon Feminist Writings and Other Stuff

128: Joanna Brooks: Mormon Feminist Writings and Other Stuff

Joanna discusses the new anthology Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings co-editedScreen Shot 2015-11-21 at 12.14.48 AM with Rachel Hunt Steenblick and Hannah Wheelwright.  We talk about the state of Mormon feminism  its past and future, and venture into the personal as we discuss Joanna’s current relationship with the church.

This episode was recorded four days before the policy announcing the change in status of same-sex married couples and their children.

(Unfortunately we struggled with a bit of noise interference – which was Joanna’s fault  not mine)


  1. Kristen

    Thanks Gina and Joanna! I enjoyed this discussion very much. I just got my hands on the book Mormon Feminism:Essential writings at an event in Maryland last night (where I was able to meet Joanna!) and am really looking forward to reading it.
    At about the 34:45 mark, Gina asks Joanna why Mormons are willing to invest so much in their faith tradition. I’ve thought about this same thing a lot recently. I think what Joanna said about community has a lot of merit. But what I have come to realize is how the Mormon church is so heavily a “works” church. We talk of the grace of Christ not nearly enough, and I believe it is ingrained in us that we have to work ourselves to death and until death– to be saved. That we can literally never “do” enough.
    I also think there is fear. Our theology offers us literally EVERYTHING. Godhood! imagine! But, implicit in the offer of everything is the fear of losing everything if we fall short or don’t tow the line. The doctrine of forever families is conditional along with so much in the Mormon faith. I know so many Mormon women who are certain that some of their children will not be with them in the next life. Not because their children are bad people, but because they are not good Mormons. I think the Mormon church offers more than any other Christian faith but on the flipside it requires so very much and takes a great deal away from us too.

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