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069:  James Patterson — From Devout to Faithful Doubter

069: James Patterson — From Devout to Faithful Doubter

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 6.16.33 PMSome of you who are regular contributors on the A Thought Faith Facebook Support Group will recognize James Patterson.   Mormon Stories Podcast listeners will recall his recent interview with John Dehlin and Terryl and Fiona Givens

James was in every respect a good Mormon American boy from a conservative Mormon family.   He grew up on the East Coast of the United States, served his mission in Idaho, graduated from BYU Idaho, married in the temple, he was called onto the bishopric at a young age and has given faithful service to the church as long as he as been able.   He currently lives in Virginia, has a good job in DC and if it weren’t for his recent faith crisis he would be a credit to the church.  But he has had a faith transition and all of those shifts and changes that happen as a result have happened in short order. 

James Patterson joins the ATF family as a new co-host and  discusses his evolution from devout to faithful doubt.


  1. Neal

    James and Gina – I really loved this podcast! So much I relate to here. Gina – I could listen to you talk all day long. 🙂 And James – I served my mission in Idaho as well, although it was before you were born

  2. Rene

    Gina and James… loved this podcast! It helps so much to hear that I’m not alone in struggling with these issues. And in making the decision to “choose to believe” in ways that I can remain true to myself.

    Thank you for sharing yourselves in this way!

    1. James Patterson

      Wow thanks, Rene! So glad you liked it. My ability to recognize belief as a choice had a profound impact on my faith so I’m glad that part resonated with you.

      Do hope you’ll keep coming back to the podcast as we hope to tackle some more of these really important issues!

      All the best.

  3. Lindsay

    I loved this interview. I think it’s pretty amazing that you have come to the place you now occupy, James, in so short a time. I think I’m pretty much on the same page as you now, but my faith has transitioned very slowly over the last ten years and I suppose it will be in transition for my entire life. The only things I can say I KNOW anymore are those things I have experienced myself. And every last one of them comes back to this ethereal feeling of love and the way my life and actions ring true when I act and react with that love. I don’t know what God is exactly, except that this love seems to weave itself through everything in this world and it exists beyond myself and so I call it God. God is love. I hang my hat on that. I also know that the world has become a much more welcoming place as I have slowly transitioned out of my black and white certainty about what is true. I find beauty and hope in places I never would have seen them m n n n nbn hh jbefore. I’m even able to abide with the church in a posture of love and gratitude where I used to leave Sunday meetings with high blood pressure and a headache. The only problem I really have is that I haven’t had anyone understanding to talk to through this journey and I still don’t know anyone personally who would get where I’m coming from. That’s why I appreciate perspectives like the ones shared in this podcast. It helps to know I’m not
    alone in the church.

  4. Billy Weaver

    Why is being from pioneer stock such a big deal? I don’t get it. My dad is a convert and my mom was from an inactive family. I found out later that my great great great grandfather was Hyrum Smith. I think that is cool, but not sure if it has any bearing on my standing or how I feel about the church.

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