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Exciting News!

Exciting News!

Hello A Thoughtful Faith Listeners!

Sarah and I have an exciting announcement to make. We have been extremely honored by the privilege of launching and managing the A Thoughtful Faith Podcast. The past nine months have been incredibly rewarding for us personally and we are so humbled by the response and support we have received from our listeners, our contributors, co-hosts, bloggers, and of course our wonderful podcast guests. From the bottom of our hearts, Sarah and I want to thank you all.

Working with John Dehlin and the Open Stories Foundation to build this project has been a labor of love, and we are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish with all of your help. As we continue to grow personally and as our interests have expanded, Sarah and I both have felt the need to claim independent ownership of the content we create moving forward. As such, we have decided to withdraw from the A Thoughtful Faith Podcast and the Open Stories Foundation.

In the next few weeks I, with the help of Sarah Collett, Shan Rees Sullivan, and a wonderful group of volunteers will be launching a new independent podcast project called Exploring Sainthood. This new podcast will have a similar mission and message to A Thoughtful Faith, but with some new perspectives and partnerships within our amazing Mormon community that will distinguish it from existing podcast productions.

We will have more information about Exploring Sainthood in the near future, and will make another announcement once the project launches. In the mean time we are committed to helping John Dehlin and OSF successfully transition A Thoughtful Faith to new leadership. So please stay tuned and thank you all again for your support.

Micah Nickolaisen


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