166: Emily Quinn: “I’m a Girl with Testes”: How intersex upsets our notions of the male/female sex binary


One of the core teachings of the LDS church is that everyone is born with an essential gender identity based on one’s biological sex. Either you are male or female.

Intersex upsets the notion that there are always clear biological sex distinctions. Emily Quinn has XY chromosomes, she has no ovaries, no uterus and identifies as a ‘not fully female’ woman – highlighting just how problematic the idea of the male/female biological sex binary can actually be.





  1. Lee Dwyer

    Knowledge is the road to compassion , understanding And enlightenment . Before we become too judgemental and erect walls of intolerance we need to understand there is array of variation and possibilities. Once we realize and all for all people to Persue and realize happiness the world can flourish

  2. Ck

    Hi. I’m a 39 yr old male and have just found out 3 months ago I was born intersex.
    I’m still struggling with it all , as well as the loss of my wife and kids, and ALL my friends.
    I’m still on the road of self destruction, any advise or some of those uplifting quotes would be of some help I’m sure.

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