Conversations about the religious and spiritual life on the other side of fundamentalism
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283: We Hold Your Name: Joanna Brooks and Kalani Tonga

Joanna Brooks and Kalani Tonga join me to discuss their book of women’s blessings and poetry, ‘We Hold Your Name’ (2019) From the jacket: “A collection of blessings and poetry written by Mormon women responding …

282: Fostering Restoration Ecumenism: Apostle Richard James

In the spirit of LDS Restoration ecumenism Richard joins me to discuss how Community of Christ has developed as a vital expression of the Restoration.

281: God Invites our Disappointment: Praying the Psalms: Katie Langston

The Psalms are unique in scripture.  The Psalms strip away all decorum and show the fragility and wildness of the human condition.   The Psalms tell us that God invites our disappointment, our anger and our …

275: Spiritual Formation through the Liturgical Year: Maxine Hanks

When Maxine Hanks returned to the LDS Church after being excommunicated with the September 6 in 1993, she returned to the LDS Church having taken a spiritual formation pathway in the Gnostic tradition.  One of her …

243: Listening For God: Prof. Nancy Ross

“There’s no point at which we can say, ‘I’ve got it.’   Always and forever, mystery gets you.  Our searching for God is a search for symbols, analogies and metaphors.  All theological language is an approximation, offered tentatively in holy awe.  That’s the best human language can achieve.

We must, absolutely must, maintain a fundamental humility before the great mystery.  If we do not, religion always worships itself and its formulations, and never God.”

So says Fr. Richard Rohr, and thus contemplates art historian and medievalist Professor Nancy Ross.  Nancy reflects on the place of art as an approximation of the Christian faith in the West.  She offers a heartfelt reflection on how art has shaped her own understandings of the divine and her faith development.

237: Finding Jesus All Over Again: Hagen & Otteson: The Lent Series

Faith change or Impasse is often met with a resistance to our early life stories of the Divine. In this Lent series episode #3 Katie Hagen and Steve Otteson talk about rediscovering Jesus, finding new …

193: God, the Image of God, Theosis, Sex and Godly Creation: Blaire Ostler

Blaire Ostler joins me to discuss God. God as feminine and masculine; God in Mormon theology; God as a plurality; God as a creator; God without the biological need to procreate; the God of our …