Conversations about the religious and spiritual life on the other side of fundamentalism
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312: Spiritually Full, Religiously Included: Michael Wright

Over the last couple of years, Michael Wright has discovered his spiritual self anew in the LDS Restoration tradition.  A descendant of Mormon pioneers he spent years trying to make himself straight in the LDS …

308: Singing of Zion to a Kingdom People: Andrew Bolton

Those who grew up in the Restoration tradition will be familiar with the songs of Zion;   That place where God and community meet.  But, despite his original intentions Joseph Smith was corrupted by his ‘Kingdom’ …

232: A God Who Changes: Blaire Ostler

Who is God, Blaire? Thus, begins a discussion that unsettles, moves and disrupts our taken for granted conceptions of the Divine. The God of process theology doesn’t entirely fit the script of the male, authoritarian, …

229: Mormons and the Historical Jesus: Judith and James McConkie

Co-authors Judith and James McConkie discuss their breakthrough historical Jesus primer for Mormons;  ‘Whom Say Ye That I am?: Lessons from the Jesus of Nazareth.      

211: How to Research Mormons and other Stories from the Oakland First Ward: Amiee Flynn-Curran

Amiee Flynn-Curran is a non-Mormon ethnographer who did her PhD fieldwork in the Oakland First Ward of the San Francisco Bay Area. Amiee’s was interested in finding out how a conservative Christian church community negotiates …

202: Stages of Faith, God and Church: What to do when things change: Pastor Alan Jamieson

Dr Alan Jamieson is the senior pastor at the South West Baptist Church in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He is an author of multiple books on faith development. He took an interest in why people leave …

191: When God becomes More: Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh

Credit: Doran @Flickr

Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh began life as Muslim;  converted as a teenager to the LDS Church;  served a mission; taught LDS Institute,  and then, responding to a call, she attended Duke Divinity School.  Following a period of discernment, she was recently ordained a Baptist minister.

Her call to ministry is part of a colourful journey into finding a God for all and for the least.  God is too often the product of a White Western Patriarchy and as a Black, Brown woman whose spiritual life was percolated in the intersection of different faith traditions Fatimah is passionate about  preaching a God that holds, loves and ministers to everyone.

190: On the Erasure of Native Americans from the Book of Mormon Conversation: Thomas Murphy

The Book of Mormon has been claimed by the LDS Church to be a history of Native Americans. While this proposition has been scaled back over the years it’s still somewhat present in a literalist …

188: “Exploiting Congruences”: Mormons in Nazi Germany: David Conley Nelson

David Conley Nelson has written an extensive account of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nazi Germany in his book “Moroni and the Swastika’.  Desperate to keep the church alive during World …

177: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Trump’s Inauguration: International Voices Speak Up

Mormons from Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the UK, Finland, Canada and Sweden share their objections to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s forthcoming appearance at President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, in January 2017.