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160 & 161:  Carol Lynn Pearson: The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy with Lindsay Hansen Park and Gina Colvin

160 & 161: Carol Lynn Pearson: The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy with Lindsay Hansen Park and Gina Colvin

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-1-49-07-pmJoin Gina and Lindsay Hansen Park (From a Year of Polygamy) ¬†in this two part conversation with Carol Lynn Pearson, author of ‘The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: ¬†Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of Mormon Women and Men.’




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  1. David

    It’s quite possible that the introduction of polygamy has made the church today very anti-polygamy.

    Everyone is quite scared by it, even if young men would secretly desire it.

  2. square peg

    Thanks so much Carol Lynn, Lindsay and Gina for your time and efforts in these interviews. I very much enjoyed them.

    I tried to read the book with my husband, but it seemed to make him uncomfortable and I don’t think he will ever bring it back up and want to finish it. For some reason, it is too hard for some men(and some women oddly enough) to force themselves to embrace the pain that is still alive and very much affecting people because of polygamy. I believe that maybe it makes too great of a strain on their faith. I think they hesitate and resist anything that possibly will cause them to doubt in any way any of the revelations that Joseph received. Maybe it makes them worry that they will not be able to sustain their overall faith in Joseph if their faith in him in this one topic is caused to falter.

    It frustrates me tremendously that this mind set exists, because I have a tremendous hunger for my husband and others to understand WHY this is such a painful problem for me and for so many. Yet, I am having to force myself to realize that not everyone is willing or able to reach into the depths of their souls and analyze what is there and why it is there, and what is worthy of holding onto and what is necessary to discard. It takes an excessive amount of courage to be willing to trust your own quest for the truth versus insisting that the truth is only what you’ve always been told it has to be.

    As for my personality type however, I am excessively appreciative and grateful for Carol Lynn’s exhaustive efforts to create this book and for all the podcasts out there so far that have been willing to interview her and discuss it. There has been much healing and a beautiful and comforting realization that I am not the only one who has spent my life being so deeply troubled and anguished by this topic. For me, knowing I’m not alone has been very beneficial! So again, thank you for your efforts to bring this subject to light.

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